About Us

Buying and selling

O3Deal is an online marketplace that connect buyers to sellers, it help sellers increase visibility and sales while buyers buy conveniently without fear of being scammed. There are trust and scam problems across every online marketplace and O3Deal solves this problem by collecting and verifying seller data.

O3Deal is also a Nigerian online marketplace to buy and sell a wide range of products, including computers, cell phones, furniture, cosmetic, sporting goods, agriculture and food, clothing and shoes, services, cars, real estate, and many more.

Users can easily get their items or ads seen by many other users. O3Deal is made easy to use for every buyers and sellers across the nation and simple for anybody to post varieties of items through their cell phone or on the web.

At O3Deal, we have confidence in improving marketing world, venders can without much of a stretch gain some additional money by essentially posting things that are no longer of use to them- accordingly, giving buyers the chance to discover awesome esteem things at reasonable value/price.