Buying Tips

We’ve place along some general tips below for buying safely on O3Deal.

Be aware that we’ve got 2 classes of seller accounts on O3Deal

1. Private Account
2. Business Account

Sellers using Private ACCOUNTS

When buying items posted by sellers using private account, you’ll be able to simply reach them by obtaining their contact or chat with them on the item page. Chatting sellers on O3Deal needs you to have an O3Deal account or else chatting with the seller is not possible.

Once you must have finally agreed on a worth and ready for a done deal, it’s necessary you consider the following;

1. Meet in an open place (public) and take somebody with you

2. Do not agree on delivery option with a seller using private account

3. Do not create advance payment for a seller using private account

4. Get your item before you make payment

5. Do not release your private info to any seller on O3Deal, be it private or business account sellers.

Sellers using Business Account ✔️
Any seller using a business account will automatically have a verified icon ✔️ on their profile, the verified icon ✔️ will appear on all their posted items/ads on O3Deal. Buying from sellers using Business Account is less stressful if you’re buying. O3Deal has all their info which incorporates, National Identity, Shop/Store address and residential address. Sellers using Business Account are trusted and premium users on O3Deal. You can simply reach them by obtaining their contact or chat with them on the item page. Chatting sellers on O3Deal requires you to have an O3Deal account or else chatting with the seller is not possible.
Once you must have agreed on a worth with a seller using Business Account, it’s necessary you consider the following;

1. Meeting at an open place or at seller’s shop address

2. Delivery option, buying from Business Account sellers are safer

3. Consideration of advance payment

4. Data of business account seller will be released to buyer if proven to be scammed by merchant for further investigation or sanction

Incase you notice any suspicious seller, or you accidentally get scammed, kindly contact us or send an email to


O3Dealadmin on-line Store (We Sell)

You can additionally buy directly from o3deal with profile name “o3dealadmin“. You can simply purchase from o3dealadmin by chatting or get our contact on the posted item/ad. it’s necessary you think about the following when buying from o3dealadmin;

1. Advance Payment

2. Delivery possibility.

3 We are responsible for any transactions with o3dealadmin on-line store

4. items bought are to get to you in or before 5 – 12 days after payment

5. Refunds and return of items are allowed with terms and conditions